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Welcome to the HCD Download area

In the download area, we will share with you files, informations and documentations related to Heinkel vehiclyes.

To view most of the documents, you need a PDF reader. Here the link to the lastest Adobe Acrobat reader for a free download.

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Actual spare part price books, Contents of all published Heinkel-Club Infos since 1983, Repair Manuals.

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Owners Manual for Heinkel Tourist 103 A1

Includes wiring diagram!

Owner's Manual Heinkel Tourist 103 A 1 PDF-File (6,7 MB)

Owners manual Heinkel Tourist 103 A2

Here the link

Owner's Manual Heinkel Tourist 103 A 2 PDF-File (2,8 MB)

Trial Version (German language only).

Requires Adobe Flash Player . Instructions: Flip the pages by pulling at the edges with the mouse pointer like you turn a book page with your finger.

Bowdenscheme (cable layout) for

Tourist 103 A-0 and

Tourist 103 A-1 und A-2


The english Versions are located at Michael McWilliams North American Heinkel Site.

Workshop manual for Heinkel Tourist 103 A1

Workshop manual for Heinkel Tourist 103 A1 (english) PDF-File (8 MB)

Special hints for sealing the engine (german) PDF-File (0.2 MB)

Workshop manual for Heinkel Tourist 103 A2.

Note: addendum to the workshop manual of 103 A1 with the specialties of the model 103 A2

Workshop Manual 103 A2


Montageanleitung Heinkel 150

Workshop Manual Heinkel 150 (2-Stroke) (german)

Workschop Manual Heinkel 150 as PDF-File (3,8 MB)

Workshop Manual Heinkel Perle (german)

Workshop Manual Perle as PDF (1,9 MB)

Cargo Net Plan: Instructions for the restoration for the net at the interior panelling of cabins (german)

created by Cornelia Köster

as PDF (1,1 MB)