26.10.2021 :: Marketplace

Marketplace terms and conditions

The Marketplace oft the Heinkel-Club Deutschland (HCD) is a voluntary service of the club for Heinkel friends around the world to offer/search for Heinkel scooters, -parts or literature.

Offers, made in other auctions, or a reference to an auction are not welcome and will be deleted in the marketplace without any notification. Also a price is needed. Advertises without price are also deleted.

The responsibility for the content, including images remains at the initiator of the classified. Please be aware, that the European copyright laws are very restrictive.

The HCD will be not responsible for

  • content,
  • communication between buyer and vendor and
  • quality of the offered parts or products.

HCD remains the rights, to delete content, or block user in case of abusion of the terms and conditions without any notification.