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abgesagt: Anheinkeln Heinkel-Roller-Clubs Münster


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Annual Membership Meeting 2020 of the Heinkel-Club Deutschland e.V.

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Klassiker-Tage in den Holstenhallen in Neumünster

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Website Software update

Some functions are not availible (picture gallery e.g.) but forum, marketplace, forms and shop are available.

The glorious eleven - Heinkelfest in Colorado Springs

About the Membership

Do you want to become a member of the Heinkel-Club? More Information about the club and our value proposition, you will find here: advantages

The Club

The Heinkel-Club Germany is one of the largest vintage vehicles clubs in Europe.
The charter of the club is the maintenance of Heinkel scooters, mopeds and Bubble cars.

Easter Holidays 9. - April 17.

Around Eastern our shop is closed.

Happy Easter wishes our stock team!

From Brunswick to Darwin in 52 years

Ralf, Bob und Wolfram

An extraordinary journey which commenced back in 1963 and came to an end just now: Three mates Ralf, Bob (Robert Dennis) und Wolfram travelling all the way from Brunswick in Germany to Darwin in Australia - with Heinkel scooters. Bob mailed this fascinating story. We publish his mail in our  Opens internal link in current windowImage Gallery .