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Heinkel Fahrzeugteile GmbH

The club owned "Heinkel Fahrzeugteile Vertriebs-GmbH" in Lauffen, supplies all members with spare parts they need. We have a stock of more then 2,700 different spare parts, and almost 400,000 parts in total to serve you. 

Heinkel Fahrzeugteile Vertriebs-GmbH
Im Vorderen Burgfeld 12
D-74348 Lauffen

Phone +49 71 33 96 16 00
Fax +49 71 33 96 16 02

gmbh(at)heinkel-club.de Google Maps

Herta Daiß
Herta Daiß
Wolfgang Kurz
Wolfgang Kurz
Raphael Kurz

Herta Daiß and Wolfgang and Raphael Kurz, our GM and logistic managers, know every single spare part by heart. We have the passion to serve you!

The impressive warehouse with more than 400000 parts on stock, enables a fast delivery of the spare parts. We are fast and efficient!

To order spare parts is simple.

Every member of the Heinkel Club receives a detailed spare parts list for the main Heinkel vehicle. With the help of the list, you are able to identify the part and select the right part number for the order process.

Additional spare parts list for your other vehicles can be purchased at your next order.


Membership ...

Do you want to know, who is the person on the phone or behind the e-mail adress. Here the brief video introduction of the team on YouTube: