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The History of HCD

The German magazine „Das Motorrad“ published in 1977 a "call for action" for a Heinkel rally. More than 40 Heinkel-owners appeared in Paderborn for the first Heinkel rally of the „modern times“!

Additional rallies were organized and a community magazine (Heinkelclub-Information) was published. Within just 5 years, the group of organized Heinkel drivers grew to about 330 members.

In 1970, the Heinkel company (which has stopped the production of scooters in 1964/65) outsourced the spare part business to a former dealer of Heinkel scooters. (Meller, Hamburg)

In 1982, the owner of this company died and the spare parts availabiliy for the Heinkel community were at a serious risk.

A small group of Heinkel drivers took the unique opportunity and bought the entire parts stock.

But what to do with 20 tons of spare parts? 

In 1983, this group established the „Heinkel-Club Deutschland e.V.“ (April 24, 1983) and started to sell spare parts. The Charter of the club was (and still is), to guarantee its members the availability of spare parts for Heinkel vehicles.

The parts were sold to members only, the "profit" from the spare part sales was contionously reinvested into new parts.

The continous growth of membership and the also the growth in the spare parts "Business" motivated the „Heinkel-Club“ to take a step further. The club established its own company for sales and production of spare parts. The club-owned Heinkel Fahrzeugteile GmbH aka „GmbH“ owns today a professional warehouse of 4000 sq.ft., with more than 2.700 different parts positions.

And the success story continious ....

Meanwhile more than 4000 members are supporting the club.

The Heinkel Club - vivid and powerful